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Seventh&Eighth LIME - Lee Taemin&Lee Joon

Gosh, it's been long time since I've updated my project here!
That's why today I have two boys!
Yay for SHINee and MBLAQ!!!

Fabric: Aida 18
Floss: DMC
Colors: 41
Size: 11.5x4 cm
Time: 9 days Fabric: Aida 18
Floss: DMC
Colors: 42
Size: 11.5x4 cm
Time: 12 days

And My overall progress of the project^^

Finished parts:
First LIME - Kim Kibum
Second LIME - Kim HyungJun
Fourth LIME - Song SeungHyun
Fifth LIME - Takizawa Hideaki
Sixth LIME - Park JungSoo(Leeteuk)

Tags: ft island, lime project, mblaq, shinee, ss501, suju, t&t, u-kiss, вышивка

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