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LOTS of scans+ Japan fangirl photos!^___^

Hi everyone!!!!
I finally got new PC, YAY!!!! And to celebrate this I want to share some fangirling photos from Japan! ^___________^

SEOUL STAR 03.2009

Mizushima Hiro

Nagayama Eita

Shirota Yu

I should post this long time ago, but was kinda lazy and so on…
So this summer 21-28 August I was in Japan *insert crazy scream here*
And the second day I suddenly got chance to see A-NATION *more crazy scream*. That was really stage cos this was our 2nd day and first day of excursions, and we asked our guide if she knows how to get there, but she said that it’s too far and we will be lost. But we insisted cos we wanted to look at stadium at least, cos we didn’t have tickets and online the chipest were like 120$. So she told us how to go there and we get to the stadium really easy. And near it we met two girls who were selling tickets for 7800 yen so we happily bought them! ^___^ here they are:
See how many people were there *and that’s not all of them, rest came to their seats whet Tohoshinki were about to perform^^*
And the most sad thing that the only good photos I got there was with BREAKERS *but they performed really great, love them*
Photobucket Photobucket
And my lovely boys’ photos are only like this:
*ghm.. that’s U-know singing*
*and this is my stupid hand with uchiva and Junsu????*
*and my beloved Changmin*
Yeah, you can’t recognize them, but I remember that this were them!^^ Hehe, and only when they performed I heard that’s it’s forbidden to take photos there XDDDD
So here some interesting scans from A-NATION for you. And of course I got Tohoshinkis uchiva and bag and towel ^____^
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
And there were Weider In stand with YamaPi photos, and here it is^^
Photobucket Photobucket
And this is only two things I bought in Shin-Okubo *whaaa, my mother didn’t let me by more T___T*
Minnies pin
And Cute cloth with Minnie again^^
Now time for some fangirling photos that I got chance to take in some different places:
Buzzer Beat poster while I was going to Asakusa
Photobucket Photobucket
NEWS on 24hour Poster somewhere in subway station *it was REALLY huge, maybe 3x4 m*
Horikita Maki
Nagase Tomoya on the walk-though wall
And the one I love the most – NEWS poster that was hang on the metro station near our hotel the last day we were there. There were about 4 of this things on each wall and I seriously thought about taking one with me, but they were not from paper but some kind of plastic so my plan failed XDDD
Photobucket Photobucket
*no bias at all^^*

So that’s all!!^_____________^

- please comment if you take something;
- please don't claim as yours;
- if you are using them, then please credit me;
- thanks for watching^^
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