Hey there! Do you still remember me?

it's been already 2 month since I came back from Seoul, where I spent the best 5 month of my life...
Got lot's of photos and videos that I made on different concerts, fanmeetings and so on... So to share them I mede tumblr account. And if you want to see all those, just visit it. Hope you'll like what you'll see^^

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Only one week left

Ghhh, really have no ide what to do now!
There is only one week left till my flight....
I'm sooooo scared!!!

Now wonder where to get addresses of TVXQ, Big Bang,U-Kiss, 2PM, D-NA and other boys companys??? Want to visit them for sure...
And also any fansign events...
Khhh, so many things to do there...

Wonder where to get money for all I want....
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Guess what?

I'M IN KOREA NOW!!!! ^_____________________^
On Jeju if specific. And then I'll go to Seoul!
Waaaah!!!!soooooooooooo happy!!!!

Today I was in two places connected with my fav idols!

First was Teddy bear Museum, where Goong was filmed! And bought Chae Kyung bear in school uniform ^^

And then I went to Joanne Studio, she is the person, that created cat-pillow for Boys over flowers (bought little one) . And that's the place where Changmin's drama was filmed so I took many many photo's there and the same one, that Min had ^^ And was crazily happy^^ Also meet Joanne and took photo with her^^ She is soo great. And they were really surprised that I know about this museum and know Lee MinHo and are fans of Changminnie!  *will post photos when come home^^*

So you may only guess how happy I am now! ^_______________^
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